Balenciaga presents the spring-summer 2022 collection

On June 6, the house of Balenciaga was parading its spring-summer 2022 collection, entitled “Clones” and which includes a collaboration with the American company Crocs.


The Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion announced that physical runway shows will resume on June 22. “Digital has worked well, but it can’t embody that emotion of the physical,” says Pascal Morand, president of the Federation of Haute Couture and Fashion.


On Sunday, during the online broadcast of the presentation show of the spring-summer 2022 collection of the French house Balenciaga, its artistic director Demna Gvasalia concludes more than a year of digital fashion shows with an audacious show, entitled “Clones“.




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Featured photo : © Balenciaga


The editorial team
The editorial team
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