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Aston Martin x Vibroa: a new ultra luxury real estate project

Aston Martin x Vibroa: a new ultra luxury real estate project

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Carmaker Aston Martin is partnering with Japanese luxury concierge Vibroa to create a luxury residence. Located in the Omotesando area of Japan, this is the British brand’s first facility on Asian soil.


Combining architecture and automobiles to make a prestigious place? Aston Martin and Virboa have taken up the challenge. Their new four-story luxury establishment is located in the Japanese capital, more precisely in the very popular Omotesando district in Minami Aoyama. It has already been purchased by a private investor.


The building, named No 001 Minami Aoyama, is a mix of simplicity and design with a sophisticated industrial decor, which is accompanied by contemporary inspired objects and furniture. The materials used inside are inspired by Aston Martin’s sports cars.


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Inside, there is a wine cellar, a spa, a gym, a home cinema…Must in an Aston Martin establishment, a car gallery also allows to admire its luxury vehicles through a large picture window. The residence also has a large panoramic terrace on its roof offering a breathtaking view of Tokyo. There is also a bar and a lounge area.


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