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Aman New York : a revolutionary design hotel by Jean-Michel Gathy

Aman New York : a revolutionary design hotel by Jean-Michel Gathy

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The Aman Hotel New York opened its doors to its first Vip guests last August. Designed by the architecture and interior design firm Denniston, it was imagined and supervised by its president, the famous Belgian architect Jean-Michel Gathy.


It’s in the heart of Manhattan, at the corner of the famous 5th Avenue and 57th Street that the new luxury hotel has settled. It has 83 elegant rooms and suites, three restaurants and a spa. It also has a spacious and green terrace on the 14th floor.


But its originality also lies in its exclusive collection of 22 private homes, which are for sale.


Aman New York: between travel and refinement


True to the Aman DNA, this fabulous hotel offers unparalleled privacy and service, as well as understated elegance.  Jean-Michel Gathy designed Aman New York by integrating the aesthetics of the Eastern and Western worlds, while maintaining the brand’s Asian roots. The resort’s various environments aim to transport guests out of their daily lives. This true temple of wellness and design is meant to be a perfect balance of east and west, old and new, natural and man-made.

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