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2024 Olympic Games: LVMH makes itself scarce

2024 Olympic Games: LVMH makes itself scarce

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The Paris Olympics are fast approaching and a sponsor is still missing. The world leader in luxury goods, LVMH, is in a strong position to negotiate its conditions.


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There is only a year and a half to wait before the beginning of the Olympic Games 2024. The Organizing Committee (Cojo) is almost ready. And it does not miss any more big thing so that it manages to buckle its sponsoring part, fixed in more than 1,2 billion euro, that is to say nearly a third of the global budget (approximately 4,4 billion). The budget was recently increased by an additional 400 million euros, including 127 million euros for sponsorship.


For the moment, the cluster includes sponsors such as BPCE, Sanofi, EDF, Orange and Carrefour. After nearly 80% of the budget reached by the end of 2022 according to the Cojo, the arrival of a final sponsor, known as a rank 1 partner, whose entry ticket is estimated at between 100 and 150 million euros, would be very welcome. The organizing committee, chaired by Jacques Lambert, has even described this signature as “an imperative necessity“.


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