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World Environment Day: luxury brands initiatives

World Environment Day: luxury brands initiatives

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Saturday, June 5th is World Environment Day, launched in 1972 by the United Nations at the opening of the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm. In recent years, luxury brands have made a strong move towards greater respect for the planet and greater sustainability. What are the main initiatives undertaken by luxury brands in favor of the environment today?


World Environment Day, initiated by the UN, is held every year on June 5 in a different city, and each time selects a specific environmental issue to highlight. This year, the main events will be held in Pakistan, and the theme of the event will be: “Restoring ecosystems, together“.



While the city hall of Brussels has already announced that it will light up the spire of its city hall in green to celebrate World Environment Day and that throughout France, actions, such as awareness-raising workshops or tree planting, are being carried out by various associations, where is the luxury in the fight against climate change?


Until a few years ago, luxury and ecology did not mix well. However, the sector’s responsibility and its commitment to the environment are now growing in the face of climate emergencies. A collective awareness has pushed the luxury industry towards a common will to work for change. The health crisis has given an additional impetus to the sector and has pushed luxury brands to show real progress in the fight to preserve the planet.



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