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Will Charles III’s suppliers be the same as Elizabeth II’s?

Will Charles III’s suppliers be the same as Elizabeth II’s?

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After the death of the Queen of England, the hundreds of mandates granted to royal suppliers are questioned.  The question now is whether they will be renewed by the new sovereign.


The Royal Warrant is the Holy Grail in terms of communication for a brand or a service provider. These contracts are awarded to companies whose products or services have been selected by the Royal Family.

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This distinction entitles the holders to display the Royal Arms on their products, their marketing communications and in their premises for a period of up to five years, renewable.


However, after the death of the Queen, 600 brands lost the mandate they held and must now wait for the approval of the new monarch.


On the other hand, if they fail to win the favor of the next king, they will have two years to remove the seal that marked them as regular suppliers to the royal crown.



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