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What to remember from Paris Fashion Week closed by Celine yesterday Sunday

What to remember from Paris Fashion Week closed by Celine yesterday Sunday

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Paris Fashion Week Men’s Spring-Summer 2023, which ended yesterday, Sunday, June 26, shone with its reunion with the public and showed the strength of its designers. Here’s a look at some of the companies that took over Paris for a week.


If the 2022 edition, as we told you, was marked by a great selection of young designers and emerging brands, it was also an opportunity for the major Houses as Louis Vuitton or Dior to make their mark.


Jeanne Friot: non-green and eco-responsible fashion


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The Sphère initiative for emerging brands was the springboard for seven young houses to unveil themselves to the general public and make their entry into the fashion world. The designer of the eponymous brand Jeanne Friot unveiled a unique collection full of values.


Strongly anchored in her time, Jeanne Friot advocates values of inclusion and non-binarity in order to tell fashion as a “love story”. “When we are in front of a garment, we fall in love with a color, a cut, a style or what it gives us as power when we wear it. The idea is that everyone can dress with us if the person falls in love with the values that I advocate” , said the young designer in an interview with France Info.




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