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Visual marketing: the 4 trends expected in 2023 according to the Istock report

Visual marketing: the 4 trends expected in 2023 according to the Istock report

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Istock is an image bank that provides access to millions of photos, illustrations, videos and audios. It reveals, through a study, four visual marketing trends for the coming year.


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Istock is e-commerce platform provides high-end images and videos at affordable prices. It has just released a report, produced by its creative information platform, Visual GPS. The goal is to help small and large businesses understand consumer expectations and sentiments in a complex economic environment, and thus guide them in their marketing strategies in 2023.


According to Visual GPS, consumers’ top concerns range from climate change to inflation to the rising cost of goods and services. Another key finding is that people put their well-being first. Among the important things in life, 63% want a better work/life balance, followed by improving their physical health for 59% and spending more time with loved ones for 52% of respondents.


80% of respondents appreciate the fact that the companies they are connected with can recognize the challenges they face. According to Istock’s experts, companies need to imagine their offerings through the personal experiences of their customers. They also need to be aware of their current concerns and those they will face next year.


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