Long underestimated, luxury eyewear is now enjoying a remarkable revival in the fashion world. This renewed interest, driven by strategic and economic changes, is transforming these accessories into veritable symbols of status and refinement.


Long regarded as mere functional accessories, luxury eyewear is now once again taking pride of place in the fashion industry. The renewed interest in this accessory, once neglected by the major luxury houses, is reflected in a series of notable strategic and economic changes.


Until the late 2010s, eyewear was often produced by third parties and escaped the attention of renowned designers. However, this period marks a decisive turning point, with major groups buying up production licenses, signalling their intention to control this underestimated market.


The quest for control over product image and quality drives these groups to offer top-of-the-range eyewear, with prices often reaching new heights. In 2022, the luxury eyewear market will experience spectacular growth, confirmed in 2023 by a 3% increase in the average price of frames and a 5% rise in sales.


Likewise, opticians are not hesitating to seize this flourishing market, offering top-of-the-range models such as Oakley eyewear.


Major players


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Featured photo : ©Oakley

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