The Natural Diamond Council welcomes Arctic Canadian Diamond Company

The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) announced yesterday, Monday, that the Arctic Canadian Diamond Company (ACDC) has joined its association of leading diamond producers, effective immediately. The Canadian-based diamond mining and trading company joins ALROSA, De Beers Group, Lucara Diamond, Petra Diamonds, RZM Murowa and Rio Tinto.


The Natural Diamond Council, which aims to protect and promote the integrity of the natural diamond industry, ensures the sustainable growth of the industry while protecting the highest standards of integrity at all levels.


“As the Natural Diamond Council expands its reach and influence with consumers around the world, it will continue to add new partners to accelerate growth and realise the industry’s full potential,” the statement said. the statement said.


“I am delighted to welcome Arctic Canadian Diamond Company to the NDC and Kristal Kaye to our Board of Directors. We greatly appreciate their desire to participate in the growth of the industry and look forward to working together to expand the influence/reach of the NDC,” said Stephen Lussier, NDC President.


ACDC is the majority owner of the Ekati Diamond Mine, Canada’s first surface and underground diamond mine (Northwest Territories). “This mine is renowned for its premium diamonds, the largest of which to date is a 186-carat diamond from the Pigeon pit, which was recovered and sold in 2016,” according to the release.


ACDC CFO Kristal Kaye will join the NDC Board of Directors.


“We look forward to partnering with the Natural Diamond Council and its six current members to protect and promote the integrity of the modern diamond jewellery industry. When managed responsibly, natural diamonds have a significant impact on the communities where they are found, and we are proud to share the story of our diamonds with consumers around the world,” she said.


The NDC in figures…


Natural Diamond Council members represent 75% of a market totalling around 150 million carats in production and €13 billion in turnover (2018 Kimberly Process figures). They employ 77,000 people receiving a salary 66% higher than the national average.


The profits created locally, thanks to employment, amount to 3.9 billion dollars. Through the purchase of local goods and services, NDC members infuse communities with $6.8 billion in benefits. 60% of the value they create is retained locally, benefiting communities directly and indirectly. They invest $292 million in the delivery of social programmes, including education and health care.


NDC members protect 1,023 square miles of land, which is three times the amount of land they use. 83% of the water needed for diamond mining is recycled. Finally, a natural diamond has 69% less carbon emissions per carat than a diamond created in a laboratory.




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