Natural Diamond Council: A new official website in French

[vc_row njt-role-user-roles=”administrator,armember”][vc_column][vc_column_text], the official information platform for natural diamonds, has just been launched in French by the Natural Diamond Council. Created on the initiative of the main diamond producers (75% of world production), it invites visitors to discover the world of diamonds in all its facets.


A mine of information at 360°, it reveals in all transparency the backstage of this sector linked to authentic luxury. It also sheds a factual light on this eco-responsible stone with great seductive power, especially for the 25-35 year olds. From beginners to professionals, everyone will find answers to their questions. Guided tour!


All you need to know about natural diamonds


Practical and functional, the French interface of the reference site on natural diamonds covers both national and international information, signed by experts recognised by their peers. Updated on a daily basis, they are listed under different headings, each one more interesting than the last.


“We are very pleased to be able to offer French consumers this quality platform on natural diamonds with relevant content in response to their demand for information and transparency,” says Raluca Anghel, NDC’s European Director.


A stone from the earth


The “Diamonds 101” educational section answers frequently asked questions about the world’s most cherished stone. What is its purpose? To help Internet users acquire diamond jewellery.


A committed and eco-responsible industry


Informing about the committed practices of Natural Diamond Council producers, the “Universe of Diamonds” section deals with the positive impact that diamonds have on today’s society. Portraits of women (Les Rebelles) and interviews with personalities present the faces of those dedicated to the exploitation and development of this natural stone. Similarly, the section “Our Sustainable Commitment” details the ethical values of natural diamonds. To know! Every purchase of a natural diamond supports an industry that values responsible and ethical business practices, while helping local communities to generate long-term development and a lasting positive legacy.


A stone in the spirit of the times


Glamour, the “Hollywood and Pop Culture” section reviews the hottest celebrities of the moment highlighting the natural diamond. Rihanna with her avant-garde jewellery, Marion Cotillard associated with Chopard for sustainable luxury, and actress Stefi Celma, muse of Tiffany & Co, for the series “Dix pour Cent” (France Télévision) are just a few examples among many others. The most curious can also discover the role of jewellery in successful series such as La chronique des Bridgertons or Lupin.


The “Style and Innovation” section, where diamonds are part of the trend, gives the floor to creators, brands or designers who want to shake up the traditional principles of wearing this gem. From Frenchwoman Valérie Messika to De Beers Jewelry and Parisian street art artist Le DIAMANTAIRE, this theme is a precious source of inspiration.


A stone formed between one and three billion years ago


More historical, the “Diamonds of Exceptions” section deals with economic subjects (Are diamonds a good investment?) such as the history of mythical diamonds (Farnese blue, Dresden green, Queen Elizabeth’s famous 158-carat Granny Chips…) while the section entitled “Love and Diamonds” is essentially devoted to happy events. Travelling to the heart of cultural traditions (from New York to Udaipur) or delving into the hidden depths of the diamond (the 5 criteria to know for a wise purchase), it guides all those who want to please (themselves), without risking any faux pas.


“Our vision for France, land of great jewellery houses, know-how and excellence, is to meet consumer expectations, to inform consumers about the crucial issues of sustainable development in our industry, to showcase the latest creators, and to share experiences and stories about diamonds. Natural diamonds are synonymous with eternity. It is naturally chosen to freeze our emotions, our feelings, our life stories, and has done so for centuries. Within the NDC, it is these stories that we wish to share with the consumer” concludes Mina El Hadraoui, NDC France Director.




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