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The Edge by TAG Heuer, a new listening and reading experience for an immersion in time

The Edge by TAG Heuer, a new listening and reading experience for an immersion in time

The avant-garde manufacturer TAG Heuer unveiling a series of podcasts and an online magazine that offer two complementary listening and reading experiences that offer a new way of exploring the limits set by our reason. Its name? The Edge. On the programme: an immersion in time.



 “The Edge”online magazine unveils weekly articles, translated into 4 languages, sharing exceptional encounters by spending “24 hours with…” remarkable personalities, visiting cities in an “unexpected moment” or celebrating “The Legacy” by revisiting moments of mythical sports performances in the light of the House motto. An experiential magazine that is perfectly suited to readers looking for inspiration to push their limits.


The podcast offers once a month on all listening platforms to give the floor to men and women, athletes, artists or entrepreneurs who confide in their relationship with the time they challenge, the risks they take and their desire to perform and win. These stories are hosted by the voice of Teo van den Broeke, director of the UK edition of GQ. Like the magazine, the podcast is a real source of inspiration and energy for listeners who want to push their limits.


For the first season of the podcast we have the honour of listening to Patrick Dempsey. Indeed, beyond the actor, there is a racing driver and it is to him that the questions are addressed: “How do you deal with the pressure? “How do you improve your performance? “And the answers of this multi-talented man are fascinating: “Look yourself in the eye, get rid of your ego and overcome your fear” or his wise answer to the definition of the limit: “It’s a fine balance between finding it and going beyond it, it’s self-preservation”.


The next episode should be just as inspiring and will feature a legendary surfer: Kai Lenny.


“Who better than this legendary watchmaker, whose technical mastery has always been intimately linked to that of speed and precision sports, to enrich this reflection by travelling through time and around the world, with performance as the common thread and key word” according to LVMH on its website.


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“For 160 years, TAG Heuer has demonstrated a pure avant-garde spirit in watchmaking and a commitment to innovation with revolutionary technologies such as the oscillating pinion for mechanical chronometers in 1887, the Mikrographe in 1916, the first self-winding chronograph movement – calibre 11 – in 1969 and the first luxury connected watch in 2015. For more than a century, TAG Heuer has had no other passion than to accompany us in the quest for our own limits. For “to accomplish oneself is to surpass oneself.”


Click here to listen to the episode The Edge #1




Featured Photo : © Tag Heuer

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