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Luxury houses at the time of the podcast

Luxury houses at the time of the podcast

More and more major luxury houses are launching the distribution of podcasts, a communication tool favored in this health context in order to limit the isolation linked to the confinements and curfews imposed in several countries around the world.


Since the beginning of the health crisis, luxury houses have had to be more inventive in order to adapt to the constraints related to the measures imposed to contain the pandemic. After a successful acceleration of the transition to digital, luxury houses are going even further, and now offer podcasts, a useful communication tool to stay in touch with their customers.


Luxury houses are modernizing further, and are opening up spaces for dialogue through podcasts. The “Dior Talks“, launched shortly before the first confinement last March, allowed Creative Director Maria Grazia Chiuri to speak on social issues.


Accompanied by speakers such as photographers collaborating with the company, or giving the floor to the artistic director of the Haute Joaillerie Victoire de Castellane, the designer uses the podcast to open a dialogue on issues such as feminism, giving the floor to historians and philosophers.


The idea of the podcast is first and foremost to offer a completely free space of speech to the designers of the house, to the artists who collaborate with them or to other guests who excel in their field and who can bring an enriching point of view; all this independently of product launches,” emphasizes Dior‘s communications director, Olivier Bialobos.


Gucci Podcast organizes an exchange between actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw and writer Scarlett Curtis about feminism.


The podcast trend has also affected the Italian house Gucci, which has chosen to present a podcast series consisting of 28 episodes, offering elements of answers on social issues, but also on themes such as fashion and art, with encounters between artists.


The Gucci house gives a voice to guests from a variety of backgrounds, including artists, journalists, philosophers, and activists, and the latest podcast featured a very intimate conversation between Gucci CEO Marco Bizzarri and his childhood best friend and celebrity chef Massimo Bottura.


Podcasts have been a long-standing habit at Chanel. Launched in 2018, the podcast “3.55” by Chanel takes the form of a series entitled Chanel Connects, which brings together guests from brands such as Keira Knightley, Tilda Swinton, or Pharrell Williams to discuss various topics.



The “Chanel Connects” series has already proposed several avenues for reflection on current themes such as the diversity of talent or the importance of representation in cinema. The house also offered a tour of the house’s craft workshops, as well as behind the scenes of creations.


It’s a very powerful medium today. For luxury brands, it allows them to offer their customers a different experience. Being stimulated only by the voice allows you to refocus on the intimate. The demand for experiential luxury versus material luxury is exploding“, analyses David Dubois, associate professor at Insead, a specialist in social media and luxury strategies.


At Cartier, the idea of a series of podcasts seduced the perfume designer Mathilde Laurent. At the end of last November, Mathilde Laurent launched “Inspire“, a series of podcasts about olfaction, her favorite field.


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Several guests have already gathered, such as perfume historian Elisabeth de Feydeau, Georgian pianist Khatia Buniatishvili and actor Nicolas Maury to share memorable olfactory memories.


“Inspire”, the Cartier olfactory podcast.


I wanted to exchange on these intimate issues and explain my creative process. To offer listeners a little moment of pleasure, to let them experience something normally reserved for those who work alongside me,” explains Mathilde Laurent.


While podcasts are becoming more and more popular, this surge in popularity of the medium is not about to run out of steam. Indeed, according to a study carried out by the Havas agency and in collaboration with the CSA institute, podcasts now have more than 3.4 million listeners in France.


The study also highlights a strong presence of CSP+ profiles among podcast enthusiasts, for a relatively young average age with 58’% of listeners under 35 years old. In short, the podcasts of luxury houses are part of a bold communication strategy with low production costs, offering dialogues almost necessary to overcome the isolation of this troubled period.




Photo à la Une : © Dior

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