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Tesla to invest billions to expand its Nevada factory

Tesla to invest billions to expand its Nevada factory

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The American company led by Elon Musk will expand its site in Nevada, with the creation of two new plants. An expansion that will allow to produce more batteries and electric trucks.


The automaker announced in a statement Tuesday an investment of more than $3.6 billion to expand its Nevada-based site. The already existing plant manufactures, among other things, its electric truck, the Semi.


The amount finally revealed is slightly higher than the amount indicated in 2014, which was then $3.5 billion.


The manufacturer specifies that it is finally not one, but two plants that will be created. The first will manufacture 4680 cells for batteries, with the “capacity” to “produce enough for 1.5 million light vehicles per year“. The second will be the first plant to manufacture the high-volume Semi truck, the first examples of which were delivered in 2022, after a three-year delay. It hopes to produce 50,000 by 2024.


The company plans to hire 3 000 people. Since the start of its project in the state of Nevada, it has already hired more than 11 000 employees.

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