Tesla delivers record number of vehicles in Q1 2022

Tesla reported a record number of vehicle deliveries in the first quarter of this year, largely meeting analysts’ estimates, even though production was down from the previous quarter.


During the quarter, Tesla delivered 310,048 vehicles, a slight increase over the previous quarter, and a 68% increase over last year. Wall Street had expected deliveries of 308,836 cars, according to data from Refinitiv. The automaker produced 305,407 vehicles from January to March 2022, up from 305,840 in the previous quarter.



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Featured photo : © Tesla


Hélène Cougot
Hélène Cougot
Passionate about art and fashion, Hélène went to a fashion design school: the Atelier Chardon-Savard. She then completed her training with an MBA in Marketing at ISG. She has written for the magazine Do it in Paris and specializes in writing articles about luxury, art and fashion for Luxus +.

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