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Tag Heuer x Porsche: a watch that has no time

Tag Heuer x Porsche: a watch that has no time

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Tag Heuer is partnering with Porsche. The watch brand offers a new connected watch, adapted to the Taycan model of the car brand.


In association with the German car brand, the Swiss manufacturer recently announced a special edition of its latest Calibre E4 Connected watch. Derived from the smartwatch, this watch jewel is intended to bring new features to Porsche electric car owners.


This partnership is reminiscent of the various applications offered by many car manufacturers such as Tesla, Lamborghini or Peugeot.


The new Tag Heuer has been designed to be reminiscent of the Porsche Taycan, the brand’s first fully electric model. But it is also adaptable to other recent electric Porsche models such as the 991.2 and the 911.

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