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Watchmaking: Trilobe and Frédérique Constant unveil their new products

Watchmaking: Trilobe and Frédérique Constant unveil their new products

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The Geneva Watch Days 2022 were held from August 29 to September 1 in Geneva. It brought together some 40 brands exhibiting their watchmaking art, including Frédérique Constant and Tribole.


Reinforced in 2021, the concept of the show is now anchored in the habits of the watch industry. Dozens of brands present their new products each year, attracting industry professionals and potential individual buyers from around the world.


Trilobe: a watch with time on its side


Trilobe, a young French brand with a surprising design, had the honor of participating in the third edition of Geneva Watch Days, which embodies a “new watchmaking vision”.


A watch, but no hands? This is the trademark of the brand, which presented its brand new creation “Une folle journée” at the show.



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Faithful to the offbeat DNA of Trilobe, this new watch recalls its initial editions. The three rotating rings go counter-clockwise. Each ring carries a time scale: the largest for the hours, the middle one for the minutes and the smallest for the seconds. The openwork titanium dial is accompanied by an alligator strap available in several colors. A singular and unique accessory for watch lovers and collectors. You’ll have to be patient to acquire a piece from this new collection, given the high demand for a production that takes time. And pay the price: 21,500 euros.



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Featured photo : © Trilobe

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