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Sustainable fashion: Nona Source appoints four ambassadors

Sustainable fashion: Nona Source appoints four ambassadors

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Nona Source is a start-up that has been supported by LVMH for almost three years. Its goal? To connect fashion and design professionals with the dormant fabrics of major luxury brands. It has just launched the Mindful Creatives collective and has appointed four ambassadors to represent it.


Nona source has become in a few years the first online platform for the resale of exceptional materials from major fashion houses. It provides young designers and brands in Europe with high-end fabric and leather scraps at unbeatable prices to encourage creative reuse.


For the first time, the company has appointed four ambassadors to support this commitment, in line with its values. The project, called The mindful creatives collective, is led by young emerging designers: Cecilie Bahnsen, Karoline Vitto, Nensi Dojaka and Victor Weinsanto.


The principle is to work for a more sustainable fashion, by creating while recycling. Upcycling has become one of the most prominent responsible initiatives in the fashion world. Designers such as Marine Serre or brands like G Star have made it one of the founding principles of their House.


These four designers were not chosen at random. They all embody a perfect balance between innovation, art and know-how.



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Featured photo : ©Nona Source

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