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Jean-Paul Gaultier and J.M. Weston join the Comité Colbert

Jean-Paul Gaultier and J.M. Weston join the Comité Colbert

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The Colbert Committee is starting the year well with the addition of two new members: J.M. Weston and Jean Paul Gaultier. Two houses that represent the French genius in terms of know-how and creativity…even if the name of the first one can be confusing.


With the arrival of J.M. Weston and Jean Paul Gaultier, the association created in 1954 at the initiative of Jean-Jacques Guerlain, now includes 93 French companies, flagships of French luxury, 17 cultural institutions (such as the Louvre Museum or the Paris Opera) and 6 European members.


The two newcomers belong to two of the fourteen professions represented by the Comité Colbert, namely Leather Goods for J.M Weston and Fashion and Haute Couture for Jean Paul Gaultier. Among the other fields represented by this unique voice of French luxury: Publishing, Earthenware and Porcelain, Wines and Spirits, Gastronomy, Art of the Table, Perfumes and Cosmetics, Palaces, Watchmaking and Jewelry….


Founded in 1891 by Edouard Blanchard, J.M. Weston has managed to preserve its craftsmanship and handiwork, a rare occurrence in the French shoe industry. Very soon after the inauguration of its luxury shoe factory in Limoges, J.M. Weston acquired the expertise of “Goodyear” sewing, imported in 1904 by Eugène, Edouard’s son, after a trip to the United States… in the town of Weston. When he took over the reins in the 1920s, Eugène refined the range, offering sizes in five widths, in addition to the more traditional lengths. Customers can still find this adaptation at the brand, which is still manufactured in the Limoges factory. More than 140 craftsmen perpetuate the traditional know-how. With more than 40 points of sale in France and abroad, the House has been able to make them radiate throughout the world.

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Featured photo : © J.M. Weston

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