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Stock market: review of the first week of January

Stock market: review of the first week of January

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This first week of the year sets the trend for the stock market and the world economy. And 2023 is starting well for the CAC 40.


Monday, January 2


The CAC 40 ended the first session of 2023 on a high note, up 1.87% to 6,594.57 points and 1.9 billion euros traded. For their part, the Japanese, Chinese, American and British markets did not start the year until the following day.

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Atos, the world leader in digital transformation, dominated the SBF 120 with +20%. According to Les Echos newspaper, Airbus is reportedly in talks with the group to take over a small stake in Evidian, the company Atos will create to house its cybersecurity and digitalization consulting activities. According to Altos’ plan, Evidian’s French subsidiary should be listed on the stock exchange in the second half of 2023.


Tuesday January 3rd


The Paris Stock Exchange opened higher on Tuesday morning. However, the sharp rise at the beginning of the session was partly erased after the more restrained opening of the US markets.


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