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Salanitro opens its capital to Patek Philippe

Salanitro opens its capital to Patek Philippe

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This morning, Salanitro announced that Patek Philipe has joined its capital. This is a merger of two Swiss companies with exceptional know-how and a rich potential for growth.


Salanitro, a jewellery design and setting company, has sold part of its capital, to an unspecified extent, to Patek Philippe, a Swiss master watchmaker. The objective of this historic alliance between two Geneva-based family businesses? A long-term partnership as well as support for the future of Salanitro.


Salanitro works for the most prestigious brands. It has always favored innovation, inventiveness, quality as well as respect for tradition and family spirit. Values that it shares with Patek Philippe.


The long-standing friendship and trust between the two business leaders played an important role in bringing the two firms together.


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Featured photo : ©press release Salanitro

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