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RS6 Avant : Audi’s new sportive station wagon

RS6 Avant : Audi’s new sportive station wagon

After RS2 (1995) and RS4 (2000), it is the A6’s turn to inherit the sports variant. While the RS2 was co-developed with Porsche, followed by the RS4 with Quattro Gmbh, the very first generation Audi RS6 will be developed and assembled with the big name in motor racing engines, Cosworth.


Increased competition has been developing in the automotive market for years, pushing manufacturers to constantly renew themselves.


This is why the German sports and luxury car manufacturer is continuing the adventure of sports estate cars with the RS (RennSport) badge, which is affixed to a car when it is an ultra-sporty version.


Back in 1995, when Audi inaugurated the recipe for the sports station wagon with the RS2. Station wagon and sport, two concepts that were antinomic at the time. But that was before. Precisely before the Audi Avant, the elegant station wagons that made the brand’s success.


The new Audi RS6 is going to hit a big blow with its engine with a very wide range of use, a chassis close to the ground and an innovative suspension system.


The interior of this model is of excellent quality and workmanship. Indeed, assembly and finishing are done by hand, in small units (about 120 per year for the French RS6).


Richly equipped, the German benefits from heated seats, Bose audio system, front and rear parking assist, GPS, TV receiver, telephone and air conditioning.


The RS6 delivers 600 horsepower for a weight of 1865 kg, and a 5-speed automatic transmission. The numbers speak for themselves.


It takes 3.6 seconds to reach 100 km/h and just over 10 seconds to reach 160 km/h.

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It sells for as little as 129,000 euros, and more with the addition of options.


Some car tuners have already adopted the sports wagon. Wheelandmore, for example, offers a preparation kit that increases the maximum power to 1010 hp, 410 hp more than the standard model, and even 9 hp more than the Bugatti Veyron (for the “standard” version).



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Featured Photo : © Audi

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