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Coronavirus: Volkswagen, Mercedes and Audi unveils new logos to enforce social distance

Coronavirus: Volkswagen, Mercedes and Audi unveils new logos to enforce social distance

In the middle of a period of containment, Volkswagen, Audi and Mercedes have decided to update their logo to encourage social distancing, an essential prevention measure against the coronavirus. An original initiative as much as necessary.


While the automotive industry has already mobilized strongly in these times of crisis, notably by supplying medical equipment (masks, gloves, ventilators, etc.) to many hospitals, the three German car manufacturers have recently found an original and creative way to recall the essential measures to avoid the massive spread of the virus.



They have indeed decided to modify their famous logos in order to raise awareness of the rules of social distance and the need for confinement.


The Volkswagen logo has been changed to move the letter V away from the letter W, which is supposed to be a reminder of social distancing: “We are convinced that together we can find ideas and solutions to overcome this crisis. At this time, it is particularly important to follow the rules of behaviour and hygiene with great discipline. Stay safe, keep your social distance! ” , said the manufacturer.


In the Mercedes logo, the branches of the star have been deliberately moved away from the circle, although they are usually joined together. The result is isolated branches, as if “confined” within the circle. This new logo has since been adopted by all the manufacturer’s accounts on social networks. “Thank you all for maintaining social distancing measures and let’s all act together to successfully defeat the virus! A big thank you to Marcel Hobrath for the creation of this logo” , the german manufacturer declared on its Twitter account on April 2nd.



For its part, Audi has chosen to separate its four rings, rings that symbolize the four brands that have joined together to give birth to the manufacturer. “We are defined by our passion for progress and our deep-seated faith in the future. We will define it together. Stay home, stay away, stay healthy, stay together, we’re all in this together” , the luxury carmaker said in a video posted on YouTube.


Other manufacturers have published online videos to encourage people to stay at home, this is the case of the BMW group which has launched its web series “BMW Inside” on social networks in order “to offer the possibility for Internet users to discover from home the universe of the brand from another angle” , and thus keep in touch with all Mini lovers.

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Beautiful demonstrations of support from the automotive industry to make living in containment better, while helping to fight against the massive spread of the virus.


A proof of solidarity even if, between new logos and exclusive video content, these different actions also benefit the brand’s marketing strategies.



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Featured Photo : © Mercedes-Benz Ireland

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