Rolls-Royce: Update for the mythical Phantom

The second phase of the Phantom, introduced in 2018, got an update, influenced by the car brand’s buyers.


At Rolls-Royce, the Phantom is now a classic. But buyers did not want big changes. The brand is introducing this year 2022, a new design of its Phantom, whose eighth generation was launched in 2018.


Our customers implored us not to apply any major changes to this iconic car,” assures Rolls-Royce. The British firm listened to its customers and merely introduced a horizontal chrome strip between the daytime running lights, now backlit, as on the Ghost.


This series II arrives with discreet updates. As an example, the retro-style alloys nod to the disc wheels of the 1920s They are optional and are available in polished stainless steel and black lacquer.




The already sumptuous interior adds fabric upholstery to the rear seats while keeping the front seats draped in leather. The brand combined fabric made in an Italian factory with one made from bamboo fibers.


The Series II also houses a slightly thicker steering wheel, and the changes inside are complemented by more abstract interpretations of the RR statuette on the dashboard. The brand has not made any changes to the engine, however, so the Phantom retains its majestic twin-turbo V12.


To kick off the new design in style, Rolls-Royce is finally offering a custom version of its sedan. Called the Phantom Platino, it features a white exterior and interior.





Featured photo : © Rolls Royce


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