Rihanna gets into hair care with Fenty Hair

Rihanna has just unveiled her hair care range. Entitled Fenty Hair, this line joins the other cosmetic products already marketed by the singer through her Fenty Beauty brand.


On Thursday June 13, Rihanna officially launched Fenty Hair, her range of hair care products. Comprising shampoos, conditioners, hair masks, gels and many other products, this line enhances the offering of Fenty Beauty, the cosmetics brand founded by the singer in 2017.


Destined to change the beauty landscape since its inception, Fenty Beauty raked in $100 million in its first month of launch. Created in partnership with luxury goods group LVMH, the brand has grown by leaps and bounds by adopting a diversification strategy. In 2020, the label added the Fenty Skin skincare line, followed by the Fenty Fragrance perfume brand a year later. Thanks to its inclusive approach – 50 shades of foundation are now available – Fenty Beauty has secured a wide range of potential customers, notably by developing products for men.


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A made-to-measure formula


The hair care segment is an obvious step in the American label’s expansion. Known for her many hair changes over the course of her career, the “Diamonds” performer is familiar with the need for a good care routine: “Hair has always been very personal to me – my hairstyles have been markers of my evolution and growth over the years,” says the singer. To develop the formulas for Fenty Hair products, the young woman called on a team of chemists as well as her hair styling duo, Yusef and Ursula Stephens.


The key ingredient in Fenty Hair products is Replenicore-5, an exclusive complex of amino acids, hydrolyzed plant proteins and antioxidant-rich green tea. Rihanna also made a point of highlighting her Caribbean heritage by incorporating Barbados currant, a tropical antioxidant prized by West Indians, into the formula to moisturize and strengthen hair. Recycled extracts of jackfruit, a tropical fruit rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium, were also used to prevent hair dryness.


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A profitable market


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