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Hyères festival : kick-off today

Hyères festival : kick-off today

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The 37th edition of Hyères festival, which organizes the most popular fashion competition in France, begins today and will run until October 16.


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During these three days, fashion has an appointment at the Villa Noailles. Between fashion, photography and accessories, the Hyères Festival brings together every year the cutting edge of fashion and rewards the future great designers of tomorrow.


A new edition, change and beautiful people


Founded by Jean-Pierre Blanc and a few designer friends in 1986, the festival’s reputation has grown year after year. But it was in 1991 that the event took off, with the participation of John Galliano in the jury. It is a great spotlight that establishes the reputation of the competition. Many young designers are noticed such as Anthony Vaccarello who now officiates at the head of the house Yves Saint Laurent, Julien Dossena, artistic director of Paco Rabanne since 2013 and Marine Serre, who won the endowment Galeries Lafayettes in 2017.


For this new edition, many changes are emerging. Notably with Instagram, which is joining the Festival for the first time. The platform will provide support as a mentor to the winners of each of the awards. New partners are also entering, such as Bottega Veneta or the CELC (European Confederation of Flax and Hemp)



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