Prada will invest in its production in 2023

The Italian group is spending 60 million euros to expand its capacities in 2023. On the agenda: the doubling of its knitwear factory in Torginao, the improvement of existing factories, notably through new technologies, and the potential acquisition of small manufacturing units. And the recruitment of 400 people!


For Prada, controlling its production and traceability made in Italy is a priority.


After already 70 million euros in 2022, the group intends to invest 60 million euros in 2023 in the manufacturing chain.


Its most important project is doubling the production capacity of its knitwear factory in Torgiano, located in Umbria, revealed the Reuters agency.


Modern technologies


Prada also plans to invest in the expansion of other existing production units and in the implementation of modern technologies.  Prada’s workshops are concentrated mainly in Tuscany, Umbria, and the Marches.


The group, which owns the eponymous brand as well as Miu-Miu, Church’s, and Car Shoe, does not exclude the possibility of acquiring production units in Italy dedicated to skills it does not yet master. These could be specialized in textiles and ready-to-wear but not in leather, a sector in which the group is already well established.




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Featured photo : © David Sims


Sophie Michentef
Sophie Michentef
Sophie Michentef has worked for more than 30 years in the professional press. For fifteen years, she managed the French and international editorial staff of the Journal du Textile. She now puts her press, textile, fashion, and luxury expertise at the service of newspapers, professional organizations, and companies.

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