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Philippine customs destroy luxury cars with excavators to fight trafficking

Philippine customs destroy luxury cars with excavators to fight trafficking

Several luxury cars were destroyed last Friday in the Philippines to dissuade the traffic of luxury cars. The Philippine customs took care of this shock operation of communication.


On the Facebook page of the Bureau of Customs of the Philippines, you can find a video of the destruction of luxury cars and a series of photos.



On these images taken in Manila, we can see a brand new McLaren 620R, a Bentley 2007, a Porsche 911. More surprising, the presence of a Hyundai Genesis and a Toyota Solara much less luxurious than the other cars targeted by customs. According to the Bureau of Customs, the purpose of these demolitions is “to send a strong message that the government is serious in its efforts against trafficking.”



At the same time, in Cagayan de Oro in the southern Philippines, 14 Mitsubishi Jeeps were destroyed. They had arrived in parts in October 2018 from Japan. And this communication coup has a price: a total of 21 vehicles were destroyed, or 58.55 million Philippine pesos reduced to rubble by the excavators.


Undeclared vehicles


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But these vehicles were not chosen at random. They had been illegally imported, by different boats and seized on different occasions from 2018 to 2020 by the Philippine customs. Undeclared vehicles, which thus avoid customs duties and taxes depending on the value of the vehicle.


It is since 2018, that the Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte decided to opt for the destruction of the trafficked cars rather than auctioning them in order to deter the traffickers.


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Featured photo : © Bureau of Customs PH

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