Pernod Ricard invests in Skrewball, America’s favorite whiskey

The French group Pernod Ricard, leader in its sector, is taking a majority stake in Skrewball, a peanut-flavored whisky.


Pernod Ricard‘s U.S. subsidiary today signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in Skrewball, America’s first peanut-flavored whiskey.


This transaction will enable the world’s co-leader in wines and spirits to expand its portfolio of iconic brands, which includes names such as Ricard, Suze, Absolut, Havana Club, Mumm champagnes and many others. It is part of a historical strategy focused on the consumer and premiumization. This new agreement follows the successful launch last year of Jameson Orange, a sweet whisky with orange and spicy vanilla flavors.


Flavored whiskies are part of a growing category in the United States, which ranks among the world’s largest consumers. In addition to fans of the dark spirit, this type of whiskey appeals to a wide range of customers, with one of the fastest growing spirits categories in the U.S. It accounts for a quarter of total whiskey sales in the country.


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Featured photo : © Skrewball


Apolline Prulhiere
Apolline Prulhiere
Apolline Prulhiere is a young journalist. She has a passion for fashion and culture, and has recently discovered an interest in cars. Her playful writing is characterized by a rich lexicon and a direct and spontaneous tone. Her precise glossary eliminates uncertainty.

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