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Motor Show: Spotlight on Hopium’s hydrogen car

Motor Show: Spotlight on Hopium’s hydrogen car

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The French manufacturer Hopium presents its new hydrogen car model this week at Motor Show. An opportunity for enthusiasts to discover this four-wheeled jewel.


The Hopium Machina Vision, “inspired by nature” says the brand on its website, is definitely a car of the future. Imposing, with clean lines, this fuel cell sedan looks like something out of a new episode of Back to the Future.


Hopium, a French hydrogen start-up, is presenting its concept to the general public at the Motor Show, which was previously reserved for a few private events. This version 0, although unfinished, of the Hopium Machina Vision is nevertheless, according to the manufacturer, 95% close to what will be the production version.


At the head of this project, there is not just anyone. The founder of the brand is none other than Olivier Lombard, winner of the 2011 24 Hours of Le Mans, who surrounds himself with the best. To his board of directors, he has appointed Baptiste Djebbari, former Minister of Transport.

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