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Paris becomes the leading European stock exchange

Paris becomes the leading European stock exchange

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For the first time, the total capitalization of listed companies in Paris has exceeded that of the City of London.  This is the result of the dynamism of the French stock market champions, starting with the luxury sector, the main driver of the CAC 40.


Yesterday, at the opening of the Stock Exchange, Paris was placed ahead of London. A historic first for the French stock market, which becomes the largest in Europe.


The Paris Stock Exchange has a capitalization of 2.823 billion dollars, against 2.821 billion for the London Stock Exchange. A small gap, but one that makes a difference.


The two largest European financial powers appear to be neck and neck, and this is not the first time. The decline of London and the rise of Paris are long-term trends. In June 2014, the London Stock Exchange was still worth more than $4 billion, compared to $2,234 for Paris.

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