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OTB aims for an initial public offering

OTB aims for an initial public offering

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Yesterday, in Milan, the Italian fashion group unveiled its first sustainability report. The occasion to announce its probable IPO.


We have been thinking for some time about taking the Otb Group public. This has always been our ambition. We are aiming for a timing between late 2024 and early 2025,” said the group’s CEO, Ubano Minelli. Otb owns five brands (Diesel, Margiela, Vitkor & Rolf, Marni and Jil Sander) and two manufacturing companies (Staff International and Brave Kid).


Ubano Minelli added that the sustainability report was one of the measures taken by Otb, with a view to an IPO: “We wanted to anticipate the regulations that do not require this document to be mandatory for unlisted companies.”


This report is “a starting point” according to the group’s founder, Renzo Rosso: “Sustainability does not mean making a bag with recycled plastic, it is a state of mind that, among other things, gives back to the world some of what we have earned.


Renzo Rosso thus gave a sustainability account of the group’s activities.


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