Omega x Swatch: moonlight for the watch giants’ collab

Swiss watch brand Swatch and luxury watch brand Omega have teamed up once again to design the new Omega x Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold watch. Inspired by a previous model, it has a gold hand that is already attracting many enthusiasts. Available on March 7, it will initially be sold in only four stores in Zurich, Tokyo, Milan and London.


Omega and Swatch have added a new piece to their Omega x Swatch Moonswatch collection. For this new collab, the two prestigious brands present the new “Omega x Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold”. This version features a touch of gold on the chronograph seconds hand, giving it a different color than the other hands. Specifically, it’s an Omega Moonshine Gold coating made of recycled gold from the Swatch Group’s certified refinery. In its latest Instagram post, Swatch clarified that the seconds hand was produced “during the full moon in February”, and that the Omega x Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold watch is not limited in number of pieces and is not available online.



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Last Sunday, Swatch had published a short clip of about ten seconds, in which a shadow passes over a moon with an orange, almost golden color. The teaser concluded with the announcement that the Omega x Swatch Mission to Moonshine Gold would be launched into orbit on March 7. No visuals were released at the time.



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Featured photo : © Omega x Swatch


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