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NFTs: Hermès lawsuit against artist Mason Rothschild is imminent

NFTs: Hermès lawsuit against artist Mason Rothschild is imminent

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The luxury brand will defend its intellectual property rights in New York at the end of January against the artist Mason Rothschild, who created the NFT collection, MetaBirkin, which will be launched online at the end of 2021 and is inspired by the famous Hermès model.


On January 30, the first trial related to the protection of intellectual property related to NFTs in fashion and luxury will start in the Southern District Court of New York. The case is between the American digital artist Mason Rothschild and the House of Hermès.


The first had launched during the celebrations of the Miami Art Basel 2021, a collection of 100 NFT “MetaBirkin“, each representing the model of handbag Hermes “Birkin”, declined in faux fur.


The luxury house was quick to respond to the dazzling success of this initiative (which had already raised $1 million by early January 2022). It requested and obtained the cessation of sales in the Metavers on the OpenSea platform. But Mason Rothschild continued to offer its Nft on its website, referring to other platforms like Rarible.


For Hermès, the stakes are high: its bags inspired by the English artist are sold for more than $10,000 “in real life” (in the physical world) and can reach heights on the second-hand market, because of their rarity. Her most expensive model, “Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin 30,” sold for $380,000 at Christie’s auction in 2011.


Strong arguments


Hence the trial that will oppose the two parties at the end of the month. The opportunity to see two strong arguments.

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Featured photo : © Reproduction/Mason Rothschild

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