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New York Fashion Week: between colors, abundance and diversity

New York Fashion Week: between colors, abundance and diversity

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The New York Fashion Week began Friday. While some major designers are missing, this Fashion Week is placed under the sign of diversity and novelty. Luxus plus tells you more about the first shows.


Synonymous with diversity, this new New York Fashion Week, which runs from February 10 to 15, is unlike any other. A total of 17 registered designers are black. Asian designers, 23 in number, have never been so represented. And parity is respected, with female designers making up half of the schedule.


This American Fashion Week also highlights young emerging designers and the abundance of its shows exceeds the expectations of guests and the public, who do not know where to turn, fashion is more than ever omnipresent in the Big Apple.


New York Fashion Week hosts a total of 110 brands, 76 of which have shown or will show live, 19 of which will hold showrooms and 22 of which will hold digital shows. However, some big names in American fashion like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein or Marc Jacobs will not be grazing the catwalk this season.


Friday, two brands opened the ball, including Rodarte, the brand of the Californian sisters Kate and Laura Mulleavy.


Rodarte: a fashion show with a Wednesday Addams look


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