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Milan Fashion Week: the classic put on the front of the stage

Milan Fashion Week: the classic put on the front of the stage

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For the new Fall-Winter 2023-2024 Season, Milan opens the ball of fashion weeks, before Paris. Men’s fashion is in the spotlight of these first shows of the year and Italian designers are not lacking resources to reveal the next trends. Discover without further delay the new Prada, Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana.


Gucci without Alessandro Michele, what does it look like?


Gucci opened Milan Fashion Week with an all-male collection. This is the first time in three years that the House, which was previously adept at mixed shows, devoted a show only to men.


Since the departure of its former artistic director, Alessandro Michele, last November, it was the first collection, designed by the studio and craftsmen of the Italian label, which was presented to the public. The models paraded to the rhythm of a mini concert of the group Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog. This collection, as simple as elegant, was inspired by the basics, while redefining the codes of masculinity. The suit, with its broad shoulders, becomes is modular. It is now possible to transform it into a sleeveless jacket and shorts, thanks to detachable elements. The darts pants are diverted into denim, covered with the double G logo. Skirts are assigned to the men’s wardrobe, while T-shirts and tank tops are suggestive, with shapes that show the upper body.

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Revisiting classics from the past, the rest of the collection is as inspiring as it is inspired. There are cargos, motorcycle pants, denim but also sequins, pastel colors and gaiters. The sportswear that appeared on the catwalk was reminiscent of the Gucci archives from the 80s, while the bright colors seen on suit jackets were reminiscent of the 90s.


A reboot in great style for the brand that has relied on the genius Michele for five years.


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