Detroit Auto Show 2022: New format after two years of absence

After two editions cancelled due to the pandemic, the Detroit Auto Show is back with a new approach.


After the cancellation of two editions due to the pandemic, the famous Detroit Auto Show returns with a new formula. The event will now take place from September 14 to 25, instead of January, and will be held partly outdoors.


A minimalist show


The show, known for its petits fours and cases of champagne distributed by the major international carmakers, wants to be more minimalist this year, but also innovative: “We can’t continue to do what we’ve always done,” says the executive director of the Detroit Dealers Association, Rod Alberts.


As a result, visitors this year have the opportunity to test drive cars in downtown Detroit. “A show above the show,” meanwhile, comes to showcase emerging mobility solutions by air. On the other hand, some major groups are missing, as manufacturers discovered during the pandemic the virtues of an online presentation, which is much less expensive than a booth at a trade show.


Only five major manufacturers made the trip: General Motors, Ford, Stellantis, Subaru and Toyota.


General Motors, however, chose to present its highly anticipated Equinox EV online, which was unveiled a week before the Detroit show. “The way we unveil our new products has evolved in recent years to find ways to reach more people,” said GM spokesman Chad Lyons.


Similarly, at Stellantis, the absence of the future electric Jeep disappointed visitors. The manufacturer nevertheless presented a new version of the Wrangler 4XE, and introduced the Dodge Hornet and Charger Concept for the first time to the general public.


As for Ford, the new Mustang 2024 is making a splash. The seventh generation of this iconic sports car is on the streets of Detroit.


A show inaugurated by Joe Biden


A distinguished guest, Joe Biden, honored the event at its opening.  The president of the United States repeated it once again: the future of the car in the United States will be electric.


“The great American road trip will be totally electrified. Charging stations will be as easy to find as gas stations are today,” he said.


The president thus mentioned a $7.5 billion investment to install 500,000 charging stations across the U.S. to ease the transition to electrification for the population.





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Featured photo : © Detroit Auto Show


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