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Milan Fashion Week: what to remember

Milan Fashion Week: what to remember

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Milan Fashion Week takes place during the 3rd of the 4 fashion weeks. It comes after London and New York and precedes Paris. From September 21 to today, return on the shows that have already marked the memories of this Fashion Week 2022.


In the Lombardy capital, many stars, journalists and fashion professionals walk the streets and discover the new spring-summer 2023 collections of the leading designers. Among the many fashion shows, some captivated the public and caught the attention of your magazine Luxus plus.


Emporio Armani: when the Orient meets Italy


Designer Giorgio Armani has always been fascinated by the Orient. For his new summer collection, the artistic director imagined a wardrobe put together during a trip to “a hypothetical and unspecified destination in the East,” says the pre-show press kit.


On the menu: contemporary and casual pieces with an elegant style, such as sarouels, blouses and baggy pants. All in airy fabrics, they compete with elegance and lightness. Beaded trimmings on tank tops, discreet accessories or not, perfectly accompany the outfits, while bringing them a touch of fantasy.



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Featured photo : © Gucci

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