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Milan Fashion Week is all the rage

Milan Fashion Week is all the rage

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The long-awaited Milan Fashion Week opened on Wednesday in an optimistic climate. The turnover of Italian fashion is up and Chinese customers are back in the Lombardy capital.


Until Monday, the Italian city of fashion will present its vision of style and trends, with 210 appointments in total: 68 fashion shows, more than 110 performances and about thirty events.


The last season of fashion shows had been put aside by the outbreak of war in Ukraine. But the Italians are back in the spotlight to present their latest spring-summer 2023 collections and thrill the world.


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This edition promises to be very well attended with the return of fashion professionals and customers: 300 journalists and 450 buyers are expected, including a Chinese delegation.


The return of Asian customers marks a new era for Italian fashion after the pandemic. This is the first time in two years that Chinese customers have set foot in the Italian fashion capital.



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