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Calendar for Fashion Week 2023-2024

Calendar for Fashion Week 2023-2024

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The Big Four – Paris, London, New York and Milan – will once again host the fashion weeks in 2023.  Other lesser known capitals are also in the running. The opportunity for brands to unveil their new collections for the upcoming 2023-2024 seasons and for buyers, media and influencers to discover tomorrow’s trends. The complete program of the year.


Christian Dior was a dreamer, a lover of life. He believed in the signs of fate, and this throughout his life. He made the star his lucky charm, which has never ceased to inspire the fashion house since its creation.


From the artistic director of the House, Maria Grazia Chiuri, who imagines dreamlike collections between the Tarot game and the Baroque era with a touch of enchantment, to the handcrafted pieces made in French workshops, guarantors of an ancient know-how, this mix gives rise to unique masterpieces.



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