Meeting with Sylvain Gandolfo Director of ISG Luxury Management

In this new school year 2020, the IONIS Education Group enriches its training offer by the birth of a program dedicated to Luxury within its prestigious Business School: the ISG.


5 years of passionate studies to integrate the world of luxury and join in France or abroad the ranks of the fashion sphere actors. Interview based on passion, success and professions.


A program dedicated to the luxury sector opens its doors in 2020. What are your ambitions through this program?


The ambitions of this program are manifold: to get off the beaten track to devote oneself very quickly to the expertise of the Luxury world and the promising sectors (Watchmaking, Jewelry, Cosmetics, etc.) and thus become a sought-after specialist, but also and above all to write the Luxury of tomorrow by integrating the notions of sustainable development, ethics and a certain form of digitalization, driven by influence marketing.


It is therefore obvious that this project is driven by the ambition of a business school whose core values for 50 years have been creativity, innovation, and international openness.


What is the ambition of the ISG Luxury Management program?


The ambition of the ISG Luxury Management program lies in the core values of the ISG: to know how to last just like the Luxury sector by constantly renewing itself through the quality of teaching, to conduct a real international policy and to prove its responsiveness, because the world is in perpetual motion and the Luxury industry must always be one step ahead.


The natural ambition of ISG Luxury Management is to train future actors, creative, committed, able to link the cultural heritage, history, craft traditions of the sector to new technologies and experiential.


For 50 years, the ambition of the ISG has marked a large part of its alumni, who today occupy key positions in the world of Luxury, on the French and international scene.


The recognition of the ISG and its graduates in the luxury, fashion and design sector now carries this new entity. Accompanying, transmitting and giving the keys to talents and future professionals to create and disrupt this universe that is only waiting for that, is the ambition that ISG Luxury Management carries. Innovation and creativity must blend with the rigor and excellence that this world demands. This is how ISG Luxury Management was conceived. Luxury actors will also be part of this new adventure that is now being written at the ISG.


In your opinion, what are the professional opportunities that the world of luxury offers today?


Leaders in luxury know-how, the major French groups continue to innovate and open up new perspectives on the various international markets. Thus, new professions are emerging and others are reinventing themselves to welcome passionate profiles. At different levels of expertise, luxury offers unique career choices in a variety of fields to those who will be able to seize the opportunities. Attentive to these changes, the ISG Luxury Management programs are becoming ever closer to reality and the business world.


A multitude of professions are being born and some of them do not even exist yet. The crazy bet of ISG Luxury Management is, in partnership with market players, to imagine the future of this sector by training tomorrow’s talents.


Will the sector’s enthusiasts be welcome in this new den dedicated to training tomorrow’s talent?


Of course, the DNA of ISG Luxury Management is based on a deep belief in initiative and “putting it into action” where independence of spirit is combined with passion. It seems more relevant than ever to us to tell our talents that “passion“, especially for the luxury sector, is combined with entrepreneurial adventures. I believe it is important to consider our program, especially the first three years, as a laboratory of experience and personal and professional enrichment where students can discover a complete universe imbued with excellence: gemmology, jewelry, watchmaking, perfumery, cosmetics and spas, luxury hotels, fashion, accessories, gastronomy, oenology, design, yachting, tableware, automotive, all these sectors are approached to have a global vision of luxury and allow each student to find his or her path or to validate it. At ISG Luxury Management, discovery, sharing and creativity between enthusiasts are obviously a leitmotiv for our students.


What is your relationship with professionals in the sector?


The luxury sector is always very innovative and opens up new perspectives on different international markets. Thus, it is more than necessary for our students, tomorrow’s actors, to be trained from the first year with those who are today’s decision-makers. Each year, ISG Luxury Management organizes major events that will punctuate the curriculum from the 1st to the 5th year. The event Les rendez-vous du luxe is one example.


The 7 campuses in France will host the luxury, fashion and design professionals who count and who represent the sector in France and around the world. Exceptional location, exceptional facility: we are hosting a digital conference with fashion designer Chantal Thomass in a few weeks. The monthly lecture cycles will also allow students to build their professional network and enter the world of prestige.


The actors of this passionate sector, many of whom are from the ISG, are an integral part of the life of the school and accompany the professional trajectories of our students throughout their studies and well beyond.




Fearured photo : Sylvain Gandolfo © Courtesy of ISG Luxury Management


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The editorial team
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