Marseille’s Villa Valmer to host a luxury hotel while preserving public access to its grounds

Marseille’s Villa Valmer is preparing to welcome a luxury hotel while guaranteeing public access to its grounds. This agreement between Marseille town council and a property developer puts an end to a long-running dispute and ensures the preservation of this historic site.


After more than a year of mediation, an agreement has been reached. Villa Valmer, an emblematic 19th-century property with a breathtaking view over the Mediterranean, is to be transformed into a luxury hotel, while maintaining public access to its grounds.


This decision follows an amicable agreement between Marseille city council and SAS Valmer, the project’s developer.


“The Villa Valmer will now be able to be reopened and returned to the people of Marseille,” finally announced Éric Méry, the special municipal councillor responsible for promoting and protecting the city’s heritage, on Monday June 17.



Under the terms of the agreement, the 1.6 hectares of parkland surrounding the villa will be returned to public ownership, with complete pedestrianization of the park and the appointment of a chief architect of historic monuments to ensure the preservation of the site. The annual rent of 330,000 euros remains unchanged.


Municipal dispute


In 2016, under the administration of Jean-Claude Gaudin (LR), the Villa Valmer had been sold to SAS Valmer under a 60-year emphyteutic lease, allowing the developer to transform the site into a hotel complex and privatize part of its park.


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Featured photo : © stock.adobe

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