Maison Lenôtre : the heritage of French gastronomy

Organised by the ISG Luxury Management school in partnership with Luxus+, Les Rendez-vous du Luxe gave Arnaud Boivent, Sales and Development Director at Lenôtre, the opportunity to host a conference at the InterContinental Paris Le Grand on 17 November. This was an opportunity to share the human values of the House, which have been part of the pure tradition of French gastronomy since 1957.


Les Rendez-vous du Luxe is the event that allows each student to discover the expertise of the luxury industry as well as the men and women who will shape the luxury of tomorrow. It is a real moment of transmission, and it also presents future talents with the professional opportunities available in the luxury sector.


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Transmission at Lenôtre


Speaking to the students of ISG Luxury Management, Arnaud Boivent shared his expertise and the values of Maison Lenôtre, as well as the challenges the brand faces in satisfying its customers.



Founded in 1957 in the 16th arrondissement, the brand quickly became a true icon of French gastronomy. As an institution, Lenôtre manages four activities, including distribution, catering events, education and gastronomy.


The Maison Lenôtre is a temple of French cuisine, combining high standards, know-how, transmission and sharing. For more than six generations, chefs, pastry chefs and other professionals have been perpetuating tradition, while bringing a new touch to the kitchens. Some of the Maison Lenôtre’s craftsmen have been awarded the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF), such as Fabrice Gendrier (cuisine and gastronomy) and Jean Christophe Jeanson (pastry chef).


“The vocation of the Maison Lenôtre is to satisfy the most demanding tastes of French Haute Gastronomy,” emphasises Arnaud Boivent.


The importance of excellent service


Proud of its traditional and national heritage, Maison Lenôtre has many values. The spirit of service is one of the key words of the House. It is defined by a response to the customer’s expectations, to provide a quality service and a unique experience. Lenôtre also places people at the heart of its commitments. As its founder said: “We owe this success in time to the expertise of our teams. This is why we attach so much importance to the transmission of knowledge.” Finally, the spirit of progress consists in always looking ahead, with the certainty that there is a solution, an innovation to be implemented.


During his speech, Arnaud Boivent reminded the students of Lenôtre’s values and DNA, saying that Lenôtre “creates emotion and is in line with Sodexo’s values, particularly in the spirit of teamwork, progress and transmission. The latter drives all the chefs at Maison Lenôtre. As far as its DNA is concerned, we talk about French excellence, the idea is to satisfy taste and pleasure because there is this notion of emotion. Lenôtre is a great French House, where the ambition is to be a committed ambassador of French gastronomy.”


Responsible commitments


Restaurants, caterers and other players in the catering and cooking industry are increasingly bringing ecology into the house. Seasonality and short circuits are the founding principles.


Until recently, the catering sector was plagued by problems such as food waste, unsold products and selective sorting. Since then, many solutions have been put in place such as eco-responsible labels or commitments specific to each brand and establishment. The French high-end gastronomy empire favours the sourcing of products that respect the seasons, the recycling of waste and the transmission of artisanal know-how. The donation of unsold products is also an important part of this responsible promise, via partnerships with associations and digital platforms such as Restos du Coeur, Bicycle and Too Good to Go.


A school of culinary arts just a stone’s throw from Rungis


“Learning by doing” was the motto of Gaston Lenôtre, the founder of the eponymous company, when he opened the doors of his first school in 1971. A philosophy which, 50 years later, continues to exist. Last year, the French establishment inaugurated a new school, just a stone’s throw from Rungis, which trains high-level professionals in cooking, pastry-making, chocolate and baking. In line with its responsible approach, its strategic location allows it to work with fresh produce. “Here, you learn everything, with your hands, with your eyes and with your head, from respect for raw materials to the strict rules of hygiene. The Lenôtre school is much more than recipes, it is an ethic of a job well done, a vocation for the transmission of knowledge and a sense of honour to be a good worker” said Monsieur Lenôtre.


Like the House, the school is anchored in its time and wears the colours of French gastronomy, conscious of environmental issues. It is committed to teaching its students to recognise the quality of products and producers and to respect the seasons. It trains its students in responsible practices and zero waste, to fight against food waste. The school also wants to introduce apprentices to urban agriculture by using its bioponic vegetable garden on the roof of the building.


Between know-how, transmission, eco-responsibility and commitments, the Maison Lenôtre is committed to a respectful approach, training for the cuisine of tomorrow.



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