LVMH: A new project that doesn’t meet with unanimous approval

The French group LVMH has quietly announced, during the summer, its new project.  It is the establishment of a large research center dedicated to sustainable and digital luxury, on the campus of the École Polytechnique. But some students find the idea unwelcome.


In July 2021, the French group said it wanted to create “a global research center dedicated to sustainable and digital luxury,” with an opening planned for 2024/2025. In a statement, the luxury giant said it would centralize 300 employees and researchers with the aim of working on luxury and protecting the planet.


The company would like to invest about 100 million euros in this project. The future research center would be located on the campus of the Polytechnique school, on a piece of land called “Innovation Park”, which would be used to host other laboratories and companies. However, this idea is not well received by everyone.




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The editorial team
The editorial team
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