[Luxus Magazine] Brief History of Luxury: Lipstick, a weapon of mass seduction

An ally of femininity and France’s favorite make-up, it is estimated that between 800 and 900 million red lipsticks are sold worldwide every year, or 27 per second. It has to be said that the stick of rouge is not a symbol of vitality and endurance for nothing.


Vermilion, magenta, blue or plum, lipstick has adapted to the evolution of women’s lifestyles. A marker of its time, each shade refers to a specific era and a more or less erotic symbolism.


In turn an emblem of high nobility, a scarlet mark of sin and a symbol of resistance to oppression, it has become a staple of elegance and seduction.


Lady Lilith, oil painting by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1826 © Delaware Art Museum


Since time immemorial, men and women have sought to distinguish and seduce themselves through make-up. Hindus early on used betel to darken their lips and teeth.


For a long time, this product was available for a few euros or dollars, but with the arrival of luxury brands such as Dior and Hermès, it has become a luxury item that can be bought for up to $62,000 for Guerlain’s KissKiss Or et Diamant model.


From royal court to Hollywood


Contrary to popular belief, the history of lipstick predates the Egyptians and dates back to the Sumerians.


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