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Luxury must improve its circularity

Luxury must improve its circularity

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Can do better. The 2022 edition (the second after 2020) of the Circular Fashion Index (CFX) established by the American consultancy firm Kearney is not very flattering for luxury. It assesses the work of 150 global fashion brands in sustainability and rates them on seven criteria (including primary and secondary markets), which impact on the longevity of clothing (use of recycled materials, repair services, second hand; information on maintenance…).


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Admittedly, the 17 luxury brands evaluated have the best scores on average, i.e. 3.52 (out of 10) compared to 3.29 for sports brands, 3.11 for premium brands and 2.89 for mass market brands. But this is not much better than the median score for all brands combined, which is 2.85 in 2022 (compared to 1.6 out of 10 two years ago).


And these scores are still insufficient, according to Kearney, who believes that the fashion industry “can – and must – do much more overall – and faster – in terms of circularity”.



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