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Luxury hotels: Hyatt strengthens its leadership

Luxury hotels: Hyatt strengthens its leadership

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Hyatt Hotels Group is strengthening its position as a leader in luxury, lifestyle and leisure with a record number of hotel openings and the recent acquisition of Dream Hotel Group.


The Hyatt Hotel Group is on a roll with the Dream Hotel Group acquisition plan, the global expansion of the Caption by Hyatt division and the growth of its portfolio worldwide.  As a result, it had approximately 117,000 rooms worldwide by the end of 2022. And that number is not about to stop with new hotel openings planned for the new year.

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Among the important factors in this growth, which the group describes as “transformative,” stands out the below-market acquisition of the boutique hotel brand and management platform of Dream Hotel Group. The goal is to add Dream Hotels, Unscripted Hotels and The Chatwal divisions to Hyatt’s portfolio. The purchase includes 12 lifestyle hotels and 24 other properties, adding more than 1,700 rooms to the Hyatt portfolio.


Hyatt’s decision to invest in the Dream Hotel group is based on its shared values and interest in lifestyle. Dream Hotel properties are known for their hospitality, trendy restaurants and nightlife venues. With this acquisition, Hyatt strengthens its brand footprint in strategic destinations including Nashville, Hollywood, Las Vegas, South Beach, New York and Doha. It also enables the Hyatt brands to enter new markets such as the Catskills in the United States and Valle de Guadalupe in Mexico.


Caption by Hyatt, an evolving and successful division


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