L’ART DE RECEVOIR 2024: tableware takes centre stage at an ephemeral exhibition

During the “Art of Hosting” evening organized by LUXUS PLUS, tableware experts had the opportunity to showcase their creations. Together, they focused on three major themes highlighted during a temporary exhibition.


On May 30th, the tasting evening “Art of Hosting” took place at Pavillon Élysée Té. Organized in partnership with the Confederation of Table Arts, the event aimed to highlight the latest trends driving this dynamic sector serving hospitality and catering.


To introduce the thematic exhibition on table arts, Ludovic Blanquer, creative director of Francéclat, spoke at a press conference. A panel of Confederation members of Table Arts then followed to present their works and inspirations.


Aurélie Pergay (Porcelaines Jacques Pergay), Sarah-Linda Forrer (Maison Sarah-Linda), Riadh Bouaziz (RKF Group and RKF Luxury Linen), Didier Perret (Claude Dozorme cutlery), and Léa Maleh (Maison Maleh) each had the opportunity to share their vision of table arts and introduce their exhibited creations.


Crossed Influences


According to Ludovic Blanquer, also a specialist in trend identification and decoding, these trends influence creation and vice versa. Designers and creators are inevitably influenced by trends, but they also have a responsibility in their emergence. “Creation doesn’t always follow trends, and trends don’t necessarily follow creation,” according to Francéclat’s spokesperson.


Léa Maleh, Sarah-Linda, Aurélie Pergay, Didier Perret, and Riadh Bouaziz came together to design three demonstration tables entirely conceived for hoteliers and restaurateurs seeking novelty. Thanks to each one’s expertise, they created a specific triptych of trends now found in table arts: timeless chic, bicolor, and contemporary.


The Art of Timeless Chic


Versatile Fleur Plate, Kouglof Photophore by Jacques Perguay, Tourbillon Red Wine Glasses, Tourbillon Water Goblets, Albi Table Fork, Albi Christofle Coffee Spoon, Le Thiers® Luxe Claude Dozorme Table Knife, RKF Luxury Linen Table Linen


The first table resulted from collaboration between Jacques Pergay, Claude Dozorme, RKF, and Christofle. The focus was on the overall minimalism of the table composed of sober, refined, and balanced objects. Minimalist doesn’t mean devoid of personality, as demonstrated by the handmade Kouglof Photophore by Aurélie Pergay (Porcelaines Jacques Pergay). She took inspiration from the shape of the famous Alsatian cake after a request from chef Christian Le Squer from the George V. “He wanted to bring the kouglof up to date on his menu. So I took his kouglof mold and decided to perforate it to bring a bit of lightness to this very massive cake.


We also see the traditional craftsmanship of Claude Dozorme cutlery. “This evening, we brought a very contemporary Thiers model. We sometimes collaborate with designers, as is the case here with a model created with Thomas Bastide (of Baccarat), with whom we have had many collaborations,” said Didier Perret.


Finally, Riadh Bouaziz, president and founder of RKF Group and RKF Luxury Linen added, “We have a real French heritage with many archive pieces dating back to the 19th century, which gives us a unique and extraordinary richness. Today, we have combined our fabrics with designs from porcelain or cutlery to tell a complete story of today’s table in the hospitality and catering sector.


The Bicolor Balance

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Featured Photo : © Luxus Plus

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