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La Prairie Unveils Youthful New Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait

La Prairie Unveils Youthful New Skin Caviar Harmony L’Extrait

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The Swiss cosmetics company La Prairie unveils its latest skin care product, based on scientific research into the skin’s ligaments and vertical pillars. Its name: Skin Caviar Harmony – L’Extrait.


In 2022, the House initiated a paradigm shift “by refocusing its view from the horizontal elements of the skin to its vertical dimension”. Indeed, while the architecture of the skin is composed of various horizontal and vertical elements, La Prairie‘s scientists have focused on the vertical elements, namely the ligaments, which are essential to the structural stability of the skin.


As a result, the scientists developed revolutionary testing protocols to identify and quantify their components with the help of a Swiss bio-analysis laboratory.


La Prairie, which specializes in the science of caviar, has demonstrated a major new step in caviar research. It has created a proprietary blend of caviar ingredients called Caviar Infinite, to strengthen the structure of mature skin and reduce the effects of time. Caviar Infinite is the result of thirty-five years of research into the science of caviar.


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Featured photo : © La Prairie

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