Kering inaugurates its new Italian headquarters in central Milan

French luxury goods group Kering has inaugurated its new Italian headquarters in central Milan. The new complex, covering 9,500 square metres on six floors, includes over 300 workstations.


Kering strengthens its presence in Italy. On Thursday, the French luxury goods group announced the inauguration of its new Italian headquarters in Milan. The six-storey, 9,500-square-metre complex is located on via Senato, one of the city’s main shopping streets, close to the fashion district.


The building takes the place of the former Palazzo Pertusati Gropallo, designed by 18th-century architect Simone Cantoni and considered a model of neoclassical style.



Until now, the company’s Italian headquarters have been located since 2019 in via Mecenate, within a nine-storey, 11,000 square metre technology complex on the outskirts of Milan. Kering had announced plans to move offices in 2022 and stressed the importance of moving to the center of Italy’s economic (and fashion) capital. The Group currently has finance, communications, internal audit, human resources, institutional relations, technology and legal departments at its Italian headquarters.


The operation required an investment of 250 million euros.


“We are delighted to be moving our Italian headquarters to this magnificent location in the heart of Milan’s business and luxury district, and thus confirming Kering’s status as a pillar of Italian luxury and a major player in the country’s economy”, said Jean-François Palus, Kering’s Chief Operating Officer.


More than 300 workstations


The interior layout has been completely redefined. Five floors are devoted to workspaces and a cafeteria, while the sixth and top floor features a conference room with panoramic views.



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Featured photo : © Kering


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